is a research platform exploring rural automation and post-pastoral speculation.



Flyover Fictions pairs designers, architects and artists with scientists and engineers to develop short visual digital books speculate on existing scientific research in some form. Designers might choose to communicate or translate existing work, rendering complex ideas in visual or diagrammatic form, or they may also interpret and imagine possibilities based on abstract or unresolved research questions.

Desert Skin & Microbial Glyphs

Yasaman Sheri + Joshua Herr
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Yasaman Sheri is Designer & Director investigating the creative inquiry of technology and biology. Her research explores interfaces of sensing, perception and aesthetics of simulation. She is an advocate for diversity in technology and builds platforms and tools that support artistic practice in Life Sciences.

Codex Nebolusian

Parrr Geng + Santosh Pitla
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Parrr Geng grew up in the Yangtze River Delta and now lives in Berlin, Germany. She currently works as an artist who builds conceptual worlds, designs characters and creates immersive environments through video games and illustrated stories.

Santosh Pitla is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Santosh’s research is in the area of agricultural robotics, control architectures for safe and secure operation of autonomous equipment, and tractor power characterization for multiple field operations.


Andrea González Garrán + Shannon Bartelt-Hunt
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A shared body, a global gut, a chain of chemical intoxications. Our waste holds and carries metabolic processes. Entangling human and non human in interspecies and multi-scalar levels. A form of economy and global collaboration. FLUSH is around and everywhere. FLUSH rules us.

Shannon Bartelt-Hunt is professor and department chair in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNL. She is an environmental engineer whose work focuses on the occurrence and effects of contaminants in agricultural systems.

Andrea González Garrán is a designer with a background in architecture and a strong focus in editorial innovation, experimental publishing, physical and online platforms and cross media formats. Her research focuses on spatial politics, infrastructure and landscape in a playful manner.